Rayna Keetch

Cheri Maracle

Rayna, an Anishinaabe Sixties Scoop survivor has recently reconnected with her birth family who live in the small community of Binezi Zhabose First Nation in Northern Ontario.
Prior to reconnecting, Rayna spent most of her time as a homemaker to her family of four, disconnected from her culture, living an affluent life in Toronto’s Midtown. Having found her birth family Rayna wants nothing more than to forge a strong relationship and heal the trauma her abduction caused.

Darryl Keetch

Brandon Oakes

Darryl, Anishinaabe, spent a good portion of his youth building himself into the successful business man he is today. Having run away from home as a teen, Darryl gave his family everything he never had. A committed father and husband, he has, up until now, been reaping the rewards of his hard work, but circumstances have changed and he finds himself bankrupt.

Molly Wasnoday

Pam Matthews

Molly, the matriarch of the Wasnoday family, has been grieving since her eldest daughter Rayna was stolen from her as a baby during Canada’s 60’s Scoop. Molly had two children after Rayna, and always did her best to give them what they needed but has never been able to forgive herself for what happened. Having her daughter home forces her to deal with her demons and come to terms with the past.

Myles Keetch

Joshua Odjick

Myles is Rayna and Darryl’s youngest child. He is a brainiac who is gentle and kind and has never used his parents affluence as a crutch. He’s witnessed his mother’s journey and has been the person she has most relied on for support. When his mom reconnects to her birth family he takes easily to the language and culture. But living on the rez blows his whole world apart.

Stacia Keetch

Michaella Shannon

Stacia is Rayna and Darryl’s eldest child. Having just entered her first year at Harvard, she’s as privileged as they come. Stacia has no interest in connecting with her Anishinaabe identity, she is white coded and assimilated into the affluent society she was raised in.

Rowan Wasnoday

Wesley French

Rowan is the baby of the Wasnoday family. A retired actor turned Chief, Rowan has a somewhat compromised moral compass. His drive to succeed, seek approval and live up to his sister Tara’s achievements often clouds his judgement and compromises his integrity. He’s not hopeless though, and although he is happy to reconnect with his sister as she returns to the family, he’s more focused on what his new brother- in-law, Darryl, can offer him.

Tara Wasnoday

Tamara Podemski

Tara is Rayna’s birth sister. She is a doctor, working in the community and is dedicated to and passionate about her people’s wellness. Her “A” type personality and connection to her culture has worked to her benefit and has helped her thrive within a broken family and community full of turmoil. She’s not perfect, she has secrets, but her integrity makes up for it.

Henry Wasnoday

Albert Owl

Henry is the patriarch of the Wasnoday family. He left Molly shortly after their youngest child Rowan was born. He too grieved the loss of his daughter Rayna and after many years of drinking and partying he turned his life around. Henry returned to ceremony and language and has been living a clean and sober life ever since. He lives alone off-the-grid, hosts the “Unsettled” radio show on the local Rez station, Henry’s made every effort to reconnect with Molly without success.

Mitch Nanibush

Lawrence Bayne

Mitch is an interloping opportunist who has only the faintest ties to the reserve – supposedly on his grandmother’s side. Regardless of his actual lineage or the fact that he’s never spent any time on Beezee, Mitch sees an opportunity to profit personally from becoming chief. A natural salesman with charisma to burn, Mitch shows up with a plan that has a lot of Beezee’s residents seeing dollar signs and fills their heads with dreams of profitable self-governance. Is Mitch smoke and mirrors or the host of Let’s Make a Deal?


Mitchell Loon

Nathan is Rowan’s indispensable assistant. He’s a young and aggressive, university trained politico with great ambition. He’s always the smartest guy in the room and is always 3 moves ahead of everybody – especially Rowan. But Nathan’s Svengali like tendencies could end up dashing Rowan’s quest for re-election.